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Study karate with a black belt master

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Discover the art of striking and self-defense

The rules we use in karate are the same ones used in the Olympics. You will learn the two main aspects used in karate—katas and kumite. Kumite is sparring, in which points are scored when punches and kicks are landed—in a controlled manner—against your opponent, to either the body or head. Kata demonstrates a wide range of combinations and various techniques to use in self-defense situations. It’s also useful for learning how to relax and breathe correctly in everyday situations.

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    I'll provide a Dogi—uniform—a belt, protective head gear, and a body protec...
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Since I was 24 years old, I have been studying karate with my family, which includes my wife, two boys, and two girls. Now karate has become part of my life. I'm officially a black belt master of karate, sixth-dan, with the AJBKF official approval. I've been teaching karate to kids and adults for 20 years. I have experience as a referee for karate competitions in Japan and around the world. I want to teach you how fun, rewarding, and interesting karate can be. All ages are welcome.
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We'll meet at Moriguchi city hall, where we'll be able to use a gym for our training.
It's about five minute walk from west exit Moriguchishi Station, which is on the Keihan Main Line.

Mendapat nilai 4.67 dari 5 berdasarkan 3 ulasan.

Juni 2018
I join this event with my wife. They teach a lot easy way to us how to protect ourselves, very useful. Show us the Routine of 十八 . A lot of fun! Enjoyable memory. Recommend anyone to join!
April 2018
Myself and my boyfriend are complete beginners to karate and thought this would be a fun experience to try. When we arrived Keiji made us feel very welcome - and gave us each a karate uniform so we'd fit right in! We joined Keiji's karate class of around 15 others - mainly children (very friendly, but we sadly can't speak Japanese!), and some adults too. We did a warm up and went through some basic karate moves along with the rest of the class. Keiji explained everything in English and spent time focussing on us to help us get it right. He's a great teacher and obviously very talented at karate. Some of the more experienced class members (black & brown belts) demonstrated their katas (patterns) for us - which was great to see. They're very impressive! We also got to learn some sparring moves. As this was done in pairs we'd recommend the karate class to couples, groups or families - as it was fun to test this out on each other! All in all, a different and great experience. Thank you!! :D
Myself and my boyfriend are complete beginners to karate and thought this would be a fun experience to try. When we arrived Keiji made us feel very welcome - and gave us each a kar…
Oktober 2018
It was a nice experience if you never did karate before. Good and polite teacher. Most of all it is fun!

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Please bring your training wear, a towel, and some water. If you have your own karate uniform, please bring it. If not, you can use one that I'll provide.

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