Make sourdough at a community bakery

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Baking is my second career, and I was lucky enough to be mentored and to become part of the Breadshare community when it was just getting off the ground. My partner and son work with me at Breadshare striving to make it a community bakery with a difference.
Apa yang akan kita lakukan
You will assist in the baking for the day by moulding bread dough and preparing ingredients. All activities will be supervised by our experienced bakers who will fill you in on how this bread is different, and what Breadshare is doing to promote slow-fermented sourdough bread. You will be able to sit together and enjoy our coffee and baked treats and get to take home some sourdough as well.
Yang akan saya sediakan
Coffee and tea 󲀃
You'll also receive some small baked goods
Tempat yang akan didatangi
The Breadshare Bakery in Portobello will be the location for this experience. Everything you need will be provided.
Make sourdough at a community bakery
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