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Tempat berlibur bernilai tinggi di Gangnam-gu

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Seluruh rumah tinggal · 2 tamu · 1 tempat tidur · 1 kamar mandi

#아늑한집#가성비최고#베란다#선릉역5분#넓은침대#자가격리가능#Sunny House adalah tempat beristirahat yang tenang. Tempat di mana orang - orang yang Anda cintai dapat menonton film, menikmati musik, menikmati minuman yang tenang, melakukan perjalanan bisnis atau Menawarkan tempat bersantai di mana saja. (◍•̅ȷ̫•𗨅)

🌷adorable🌷 #신축건물 #잠실,문정 #홈카페 감성 #공원뷰 #닌텐도스위치
Seluruh unit sewa · 2 tamu · 1 tempat tidur · 1 kamar mandi

🌷adorable🌷 #신축건물 #잠실,문정 #홈카페 감성 #공원뷰 #닌텐도스위치v Interior kafe rumah v TV Pintar Android 55 inci v akses ke Netflix, YouTube, dan Nintendo Switch v Check in mandiri, wi - fi gratis v 5 -7 menit dengan berjalan kaki dari Stasiun Munjeong dan Jangji v fasilitas kenyamanan di sekitar tempat tinggal v Huniannya 2 orang. Harap jaga keselamatan satu sama lain.:)

#무료주차#장기숙박할인이벤트#선릉역 도보4분#선릉공원근처#휴게공간베란다#
Seluruh rumah tinggal · 3 tamu · 1 tempat tidur · 1 kamar mandi

#무료주차#장기숙박할인이벤트#선릉역 도보4분#선릉공원근처#휴게공간베란다#Stasiun Sunnyeong✔ Berjalan Kaki (Jalur 2, Jalur Bundang) 4 menit/Stasiun Chongnyeong (Jalur 9) 7 menit✔ Lokasi Toko Kenyamanan Berjalan Kaki 2 menit, Gang Makan 3 menit!! Taman✔ Sunnyeong berjarak 2 menit berjalan kaki.✔ Sensitif terhadap diri sendiri (tidak frustrasi oleh teras) ✔ Dong Haeus berkomitmen untuk disinfeksi dan karantina. Check - in✔ mandiri adalah kunci pintu digital, dan kata sandi Anda akan diberitahukan setelah reservasi Airbnb Anda selesai. Berikan layanan fleksibel untuk permohonan berdasarkan situasi setelah mengoordinasikan jadwal kebersihan. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Donghaeus adalah tempat peristirahatan yang tenang. Saling mencintai, menonton film, menikmati musik. Sediakan tempat tenang untuk memiringkan minuman Anda, tempat untuk bersantai selama perjalanan bisnis, atau bepergian. (◍•̅ȷ̫•̅◍)

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  • Dapur
  • Wifi
  • Kolam renang
  • Parkir gratis di areal properti
  • AC

Tempat berlibur menarik lainnya di Gangnam-gu

  1. Seluruh unit sewa
  2. Jung-gu
☆60%Discounted☆ Dongdaemun Private Cozy Studio☆#16
Rp501.069 per malam
  1. Seluruh kondominium (condo)
  2. Yeoksam 1(il)-dong, Gangnam-gu
#햇살가득 베란다#무료주차#아늑한 쉼터#선릉역 도보 4분#
Rp591.672 per malam
  1. Seluruh unit sewa
  2. Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu
Rp660.268 per malam
  1. Seluruh unit sewa
  2. Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu
[PREMIUM RESIDENCE] Gangnam,Sinsa-Station,Studio2
Rp826.620 per malam
  1. Seluruh unit sewa
  2. Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu
[OPEN SALE]Luxury!Comfort! 3min! Cheongdam Station
Rp840.342 per malam
  1. Seluruh unit sewa
  2. Gangnam-gu
GK's 1C1Z Luxury Leather 3 sec Gangnam Stn exit #1
Rp797.328 per malam
  1. Seluruh rumah tinggal
  2. Seongdong-gu
테이스팅 노트@성수 #주간도시생활 #서울 한달살이 #도심속 여름휴가 ❣️🏜
Rp1.395.447 per malam
  1. Seluruh unit sewa
  2. Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu
[COEX, City Airport] 코엑스몰 3분, 무료주차, 교통 편리, 근처 맛집다수
Rp774.133 per malam
  1. Seluruh rumah tinggal
  2. Yeoksam 2(i)-dong, Gangnam-gu
윤스하우스NO.201~사이즈좋은 풀옵션 원룸 전체 입니다~
Rp468.190 per malam
  1. Seluruh unit sewa
  2. Gangnam-gu
#5Clean & cozy room right next to Gangnam Station
Rp658.264 per malam
  1. Seluruh unit sewa
  2. Gangnam-gu
(방역완료)[TING1_event] Culture Creative's Local House
Rp663.318 per malam
  1. Seluruh serviced apartment
  2. Songpa-gu
NEW🗨신축건물🗨 #게임기#넷플#와챠#웨이브#유투브#뷰맛집 🌿문정역5분🌿
Rp809.477 per malam

Aktivitas terpopuler di Gangnam-gu

Aktivitas unik yang diselenggarakan oleh pakar lokal yang kualitasnya telah dievaluasi

  • K-Beauty Get Camera Ready with a tv host
    Get a Gangnam style look with me at home. In this experience, you’ll get an introduction to K-beauty and how to do simple and natural looks with your own products. We’ll also use this as an opportunity to meet different people from around the world, sharing our beauty tips and hacks with one another. K-beauty is getting popular worldwide, so I’ll start with a brief introduction to K-beauty. After a short ice breaker, we’ll cover the basic steps of Korean skincare, such as seasonal skincare and tips based on your skin type. Then we’ll do a simple & natural makeup look step by step following my lead. During the makeup session, I will give you overall consultations on products and tools as well as how to mix the colors to make “my-face-but-better” while doing point make up. Guests can show their daily items and are free to recommend or question.
    Mulai Harga:Rp204.083/orang
  • 내 삶에서 잃어버린 기억을 향기로 찾아보는 나만의 향수만들기
    저의 아뜰리에에서 1시간 30분정도 여러분만의 기억과 이미지에 근거하여 자신이 표현하고자 하는 향을 만드실 겁니다. 자신만의 향을 만들때 300가지의 향수 재료들이 있기 때문에 여러분과 충분히 대화를 나누고 그 중에서 가장 여러분이 표현하고자 하는 향과 맞는 재료들을 8개 고르실 거에요. 고르신 향료들을 맡아보며 40g의 용량을 기준으로 비율들을 짜보며 나만의 향을 만드시고 완성되어진 향수는 가져가실 수 있습니다. 기타 주의사항 체험이 끝나고 50ml 향수와 메세지 카드를 제공해 드립니다.
    Mulai Harga:Rp864.352/orang
  • Finding the perfect style and wardrobe
    This service is for both of men and women. Contact me for booking specific date/time besides the scheduled sessions. During this personalized session, we will enjoy coffee/tea and talk about what style is good for achieving your goals . You may be improving your wardrobe or refining your style for your career/personal development. The style consulting includes hair style, beauty/grooming, attitude and anything that could improve your overall style. Then, get the right sizes, colors, patterns, and fits that will make you look the best for your body type and features. You will know what to wear and how to style by the end of the session. If there are any items you need for your new wardrobe and beauty/grooming, I do a personal shopping finding the right items for you within your budget. If you prefer, no need to come to the shopping. You can simply come back to the shop, try the selections and take only items you'd like. Only pay for the items you keep and hours spending for the personal shopping. Also, you can order your new custom-tailored wardrobe at the end of the session and they will be shipped to your home in 14 business days with free express shipping worldwide. Street parking is available.
    Mulai Harga:Rp3.601.464/orang
  • Exotic Cooking at Local Home&Market tour
    안녕! 1. Local market tour and taste of street food - Let's get fresh ingredients for the class and try street food in the Mangwon market that is one of the most popular in Seoul. 2. Learn Korean language briefly with welcome drink 3. Cook 3 main dishes and 1 stew - main 1 : Bibimbap (Mixed rice with Meat & Vegetables) - main 2 : Dakgalbi (Stir-fried Chicken) - main 3 : Haemul-pajeon or Sanjeok (Seafood & Green onion Pancake or Skewered Pancakes with Beef & Vegetables) - stew : Doenjang-jjigae (Fermented Soybean paste stew) 4. Enjoy Hanjeongsik - Hanjeongsik means 'A Korean traditional course meal with more than 10 side dishes in total'. We're offering the side dishes, dessert and drinks without any extra charge. 5. Try on 'Tal' - You can try on Tal which is Korean traditional mask at stunning photo spot Other things to note 1. Don't worry about English. We can use body language 2. Don't worry about spicy food. We can adjust the level 3. Don't worry about bad weather 4. Let me know about your food information(Vegetarian, Allergies, Religion) in advance
    Mulai Harga:Rp720.293/orang
    How's all Korean ladies skin glowing?" "Why every Korean girls have so pretty make-up?" "I want to start make-up, but don't know what to begin." Then PLEASE BOOK : ) Airbnb Experience MAKE UP #1, with the most reviews, the only workshop done by TV appearance, total over three thousands guests favorite! ▶What we'll do (ALL EXCLUSIVE) *** CUSTOMISED KOREAN SKINCARE *** MAKE-UP which guest want to try(NATURAL/KPOP STAR look) *** SHOPPING ▶What You'll get *** MEMBERSHIP DISCOUNT AT STORES (some stores only) - Glowing skin (My skin but better) - Minus 5 years old younger looking (at least) - Can achieve 'Gangnam style' make-up by yourself - Customized lists of cosmetics that I actually used - So much fun - Awesome selfies First, we'll proceed to my studio in Gangnam area where all cosmetic stores are around in walking distance. I'll provide you with personal information and recommendations about various brands and products. COME and GET PRETTY WITH US! ▶ Instagram: @cyoungpark
    Mulai Harga:Rp1.800.732/orang