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This beautiful Georgian house, built in 1608, has a surprising and romantic history from the 20th back to the 17th century, from Princess Diana back to Nell Gwynn, with highwaymen and fashionable spa gardens in between.

Princess Diana was a frequent visitor to the house as patron of the preschool charity which occupied the building in the late 20th century, and planted the garden – the last survivor of this is the magnificent magnolia tree.

Measuring around 2448 sq ft this large Victorian House located on Kings Cross Road dates back to around 1841, with some interesting Royal history. The house was formerly part of a children's charity where Princess Diana was the patron. She was a frequent visitor and ceremonially planted the gardens, including the magnolia tree which is still in the garden, on the site of Bagnigge House , owned by Nell Gwynn, who entertained King Charles II there. The present house is spread over 5 floors and offers 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 receptions, study, large open plan living and dining area which opens out to a lovely courtyard garden, and a large private roof terrace. There is wooden flooring throughout and many original features such as fireplaces, cornicing and ceilings. Close to Exmouth Market, Angel, Bloomsbury, Clerkenwell with transport links at Kings Cross and Farringdon.

The History

“This is Bagnigge House Near The Pinder A Wakefeilde 1680”

Princess Diana, Patron of Preschool Learning Alliance, planted commemorative garden
Nell Gwynn, mistress of King Charles II,had her summer residence here
King Charles II visited Nell Gwynn here for “breakfasts and little concerts”
Popular 18th century spa and gardens of Bagnigge Wells in Nell Gwynn’s house

Outline history

This lovely Georgian house has a surprising and romantic history from the 20th back to the 17th century, from Princess Diana back to Nell Gwynn, with highwaymen and fashionable spa gardens in between.

In the 17th century the area was largely open fields. Nell Gwynn owned a house on the site called “Bagnigge House” where she entertained King Charles II. In the 18th century “health-giving waters” were discovered in the gardens and a spa was opened frequented by everyone, from the fashionable to ruffians and highwaymen. In the 19th century the spa went into decline and it was closed in 1841. Not long after this the site was redeveloped and the current terrace of houses was built. Princess Diana was a frequent visitor to the house as patron of the preschool charity which occupied the building in the late 20th century, and planted the garden – the last survivor of this is the magnificent magnolia tree.

Princess Diana

In the latter part of the 20th century, the property was occupied by the Pre-School Learning Alliance, a children’s charity. It is well known that Princess Diana was very fond of children, working in a nursery herself before her marriage to Prince Charles. She became the patron of the Alliance, and was a frequent visitor to the offices there.

On a visit for the charity’s 25th anniversary she ceremonially “planted” the gardens, notably the spectacular magnolia tree, which has been carefully preserved during later refurbishment work on the buildings. A plaque in the gardens commemorates this event, and the charity has an archive of photographs of this and her many visits. There are pictures taken of Princess Diana.

1 Princess Diana arriving

2 Ceremonially planting the garden. At this time the Preschool Learning Alliance, the two gardens were joined together.

Nell Gwynn

Bagnigge House was on the site of the present houses, and is said to have been the summer residence of Nell Gwynn, where she entertained Charles II to “little concerts and breakfasts” in the 17th century.

The inscribed stone on the present house reading ‘This is Bagnigge House Neare the Pinder a Wakefielde 1680’ can be clearly seen in a number of 19th century paintings and drawings of ‘Nell Gwynn’s house’ and appears to have been saved and replaced during later building work. This was the formal address of the property in 1680.

This stone is set into the front wall of the present building.

The building continued to be known as Bagnigge House during its later use as part of the spa, although it was formally called “Bagnigge Wells Spa” at that time.

The house was sideways-on to the road, as can be seen in the painting below: the triple gables help us to spot the building in other early pictures of the area.

The engraved stone can also just be made out above the gate in this sketch of 1852 (left), and the artist clearly felt that it was significant enough to reproduce in more detail.

This drawing (1850) was made from the back of the house after Bagnigge Wells Spa (see next page) had closed but before the Victorian redevelopment. The gardens are derelict.

Bagnigge Wells

Bagnigge Wells was an important spa and entertainment centre in the 18th century:

“Bagnigge Wells
One of the most popular 18th-century spas, it was probably named after an ancient local family, the Bagnigges. It was reputed to have been the summer retreat of Nell Gwynne who entertained Charles II here with little concerts and breakfasts. In 1757 Bagnigge House belonged to Thomas Hughes, a tobacconist, who asked Dr John Bevis to discover why he could not grow flowers in his garden. Water from the well was found to be full of iron. Another well was sunk and the water from that proved to be a good purgative. In 1758 Hughes opened the gardens daily and charged 3d for tasting the waters. A season ticket cost half a guinea. The banqueting hall of Bagnigge House had been converted into a long room with a distorting mirror one end and an organ the other. The water was brought to a double pump in a small building called the temple. In the grounds were honeysuckle-covered tea arbours, a bun house, skittle alley, bowling green, grotto, flower garden, fish pond, fountain and formal walks edged with holly and box. On the banks of the Fleet River which flowed through the garden were seats, ‘for such as chuse to smoke or drink cyder, ale etc which are not permitted in other parts of the garden’. Concerts and other entertainments were frequently held in the pump-room. From 1760 until the end of the 18th century the wells were not only popular but fashionable. In the mornings the pump-room was thronged with water tasters and in the afternoon with tea drinkers. … The place was closed in 1841 and the site soon afterwards was built on. Set in the later wall is an inscribed stone: ‘This is Bagnigge House Neare the Pinder a Wakefeilde 1680’. It probably marks the north-western limit of the gardens.”

It is believed that some original features of the Bagnigge Wells Spa building are incorporated in the Phoenix Yard offices of Shepheard Epstein Hunter (architects) to the rear.

Initially Bagnigge Wells was a very fashionable spa, attracting the rich and those who amused and were amused by them, and their natural predators. This account of a Sunday in 1774 shows that it was not always polite society. John Rann was a highwayman known as “Sixteen-string Jack” from the ribbons which he wore at the knee of his breeches – eight on each leg. (He is reputed to have had an apprentice, known as “eight-string Jack”.)

“On the Sunday following, Rann appeared at Bagnigge Wells, dressed in a scarlet coat, tambour waistcoat, white silk stockings, laced hat, etc., and publicly declared himself to be a highwayman. Having drank pretty freely, he became extremely quarrelsome, and several scuffles ensued, in one of which he lost a ring from his finger, and when he discovered his loss he said it was but a hundred guineas gone, which one evening's work would replace. He became at length so troublesome that part of the company agreed to turn him out of the house; but they met with so obstinate a resistance that they were obliged to give up their design, when a number of young fellows, possessed of more spirit than discretion, attacked this magnanimous hero, and actually forced him through the window into the road. Rann was not much injured by this severe treatment; but he complained bitterly against those who could so affront a gentleman of his character.”

The engraving on the following page is dated the year before this incident.

The following is from the Listed building details for the property:

“HISTORICAL NOTE: this was the site of Bagnigge Wells, watering place and pleasure garden founded 1759 by Thomas Hughes. The houses are on the site of the Long Room where concerts were held. The inscription, refixed, may be derived from an earlier house on the site of the spa. (Survey of London: Vol. XXIV, King's Cross Neighbourhood, Parish of St Pancras IV: London: -(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN)).”

Printed of Carington Bowles in St. Paul's Church Yard London. Publish'd as the Act directs 15 Jan 1773

“The scene is the long room at Bagnigge Wells with a crowd of tea-drinkers all fashionably dressed. A central figure is an elegant woman promenading on the arm of one beau while with her left hand as she gestures toward another who bows with hat in hand. A serving-boy enters from the left with a kettle in one hand and tea tray in the other. The mezzotint is similar to one catalogued by George as Bagnigge Wells (BM 5090) published six months earlier (15 June 1772) by J.R. Smith. This print is a reduced impression of the earlier print with the left quarter cropped so that seven figures--six men with a variety of queue styles and one woman--are removed. The effect is to increase both the focus on the coquette and the two beaux who attend her and the proportion of women to men so that their towering wigs and hats appear to dominate the scattered male figures. The two chandeliers of Bagnigge Wells have been reduced to one, with the large chandelier that points up the central figure removed.”

Cat: D'Oench, p. (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) cm.
New York Public Library (MEZYRK BM5090A)

By 1807 the London Light Horse were stationed in the area, and their Target Ground was where Wharton Street now stands. We can imagine the dashing young officers lounging and flirting at the spa. (One has only to think of the excitement caused by the movements of “the Regiment” in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice only a few years later to see the effect this might have had on the eligible young beauties of the period.)

Some general landscape views from the early 19th century are shown on page 6.

Bagnigge Wells Gardens (taken from Frederick St) – anon 1827 The original watercolour from which this engraving was taken is in Camden Library. The triple-gabled building is clearly visible at the left. Note also the round building which may be the “temple” (just to the right of what may be a colonnaded “ruin”). The two tall chimneys belong to the tile kilns on the other side of the road.

A Bagnigge Wells Scene, or No Resisting Temptation. Publ. Carrington Bowles, 1780.

“… depicting two fair visitors to the gardens, breaking through the laws against plucking flowers.

The gardens at that time were extensive, and laid out in the old-fashioned manner, with clipped trees, walks in formal lines, and a profusion of leaden statues. A fountain was placed in the centre, as shewn in our cut. A Dutch Cupid half-choking a swan was the brilliant idea it shadowed forth. The roof of the temple is seen above the trees to the left; it was a circular domed colonnade, formed by a double row of pillars and pilasters; in its centre was a double pump, one piston supplying the chalybeate, the other the cathartic water; it was encircled by a low balustrade.”

There is evidence that a well still exists in the garden.

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London, England, Inggris Raya

My home is a 5 bedroom house spread across 3 floors in the King's Cross / Clerkenwell area. The reception can be split into another 2 separate private bedrooms, if required, making it 7 bedrooms in total. The house can be enjoyed from the roof terrace, garden and has a beautiful history behind it. It's kitted out with pretty much everything you could need, from pots and pans to wifi and cable TV.

The apartment is professionally cleaned and I provide clean and luxury sheets to all guests. In the bathrooms you will find fluffy white towels, shampoo and shower gel.

My hosting philosophy is to provide a simple and fuss free stay for all our guests, giving you a beautiful, clean and secure place to return to after a day of sightseeing.

We treat cleanliness as the most important aspect of hosting. You can look forward to a nice clean room, fresh sheets and new towels when you check in. The common areas are maintained daily by our housekeeper on duty to ensure that your stay will be pleasant throughout.

Do not worry if you forgot to bring your shower foam or shampoo, we have them provided within the bathroom for your convenience. However, do ensure that you bring your own toothbrush! Hair dryers are also available for you during the apartment, be sure to ask us about its location when you check in so that you can find it when you need it.

During your stay in our apartment, you will get to experience Internet surfing at blazing speeds. For your convenience, we have signed up for the High-Speed Fibre Broadband package with the local Telco, so that you can surf the web, stream multimedia content or engage in a video chat with no worries at all!

You will also have access to our kitchen, which is fully equipped with induction stoves, microwave and an oven. We will provide the compatible pots and pans, cutleries and utensils. Please feel free to make use of the kitchen to whip up a few dishes! You can do your groceries shopping from the supermarket in round the corner!

Arts and Culture
Famous for its innovation and experimentation, London's entrepreneurial energy and risk taking soars new heights. For this reason, its books, music, theatre shows, art and films are appreciated throughout the world. Experience London's enduring qualities of creative expression, freedom and eccentricity and help tell the story of London's cultural pre-eminence to the world. London has four UNESCO world heritage sites: Westminster Palace, Tower of London, Kew's Royal Botanic Gardens and Maritime Greenwich.

Britain's insatiable obsession with food has seen the gastronomical city grow from strength to strength. Grand. Diverse. Unique. We have witnessed these qualities exploding in the culinary city.
Tantalising menus, home to an array of incredible restaurants, bustling eateries and cool cafes is what makes London so appealing for culinary types. From charming tea rooms, street markets, gastro pubs to top mixologist bars, there is something for every budget.
So much food, so little time.

Great Expectations

A Midsummer's Night Dream

I'm really convenient for transport links - it's a short walk (no more than 10 minutes) to King's Cross St. Pancras tube station, King's Cross rail station and St. Pancras International (for the Eurostar). In the other direction I'm a few minutes walk to the trendy bars and restaurants of Exmouth Market.

Tube: The nearest tube station is King's Cross St. Pancras which is 7 minutes walk away. Farringdon, Russell Square, Angel and Russell Square are all 15-20 minutes walking distance.
Train: King's Cross, St. Pancras International and Farringdon rail stations are all less than 20 minutes walk away.
Bus: There is a direct bus route (No. 63) from King's Cross station to the apartment (just two stops). Buses 19 and 38 from Exmouth Market (4 mins walk away) take you straight to the West End and beyond.

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Hailing from a close knit extended family that reside all around the world, we have often hold our reunions in one city and attempt to book places that will accommodate our large family. I present our gorgeous family home decked out and presented as it has always been, as honestly and sincerely as the day we started hosting.
Hailing from a close knit extended family that reside all around the world, we have often hold our reunions in one city and attempt to book places that will accommodate our large f…

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