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Aktivitas terbaik yang bisa dilakukan di Akureyri

Jelajahi kota ini sesuai pandangan penduduk lokal. Temukan aktivitas terbaik untuk dilakukan, tempat untuk bersantap, dan dapatkan saran berharga dari penduduk setempat.

“One of our favorite restaurant in Akureyri. Sushi, fish and steaks. Fine dining but also offer take away for sushi. You have to try the sushi pizza ;)”
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Point of Interest
“I usually always go to the swimming pool instead of using the shower at home. Why? Steam bath, cold and hot tubs and of course the slides ;)”
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“Kjarnaskógur is a lovely outdoors area close to Akureyri. It has trails,playgrounds, a small stream and pick nick areas. Pack your pick nick basket and spend a day exploring it”
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Night Club
“OK .. so they hardly play any music in there and it get's very crowded and confusing. BUT downstairs there is a grand piano (do you play??) When ever someone starts playing it (free for anyone who can) a group of people will gather around for singing along. Pretty impressive choirs have formed there with a jug of beer in one hand and the person next to you in the other. If you can play and start a major party you will be loved by all! The atmosphere can get awesome! Drinks can get expensive - don't buy a round! We never do. ”
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Point of Interest
“This is a nice place for small and relaxed music event. It is on the main street. You should check out their program on facebook. ”
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“So nice to have a cup of coffee and a slice of cake at the cafe that can be found in the garden.”
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Mal Belanja
“Here you can find all type of butiks; grocery store, pharmacy, clothes, ice cream, lunch, health food.”
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College Arts Building
“The program for 2016 at the Akureyri Art Museum is without a doubt diverse. It offers group exhibitions from various artists, solo exhibitions and exhibitions with a specific theme. Icelandic and international artists; older and more experienced artists as well as young, up-and-coming artists. ”
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Toko Roti
“They have some really good bakeries here in Akureyri but this one is amazing. Their breads are to die for. ”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“Cheapest and here all the locals buy groceries, two Bónus stores are in Akureyri (the store with the pink smiling pig).”
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“Open 11-18.30 - Mon-Thirsd Open 10-19.30 Fridays Open 10-18 Saturday Open 12-18 Sundays www.bonus.is”
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“This is a good place for coffee, brunch or beer. A fairly international place if you have had your fulfill of Icelandic and need a break. Right downtown.”
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Point of Interest
“The museum is dedicated to the writer and Jesuit priest Jón Sveinsson "Nonni". The street is also a lovely place to take stroll and look at the beautiful houses from the late 1800s and early 1900s”
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“Strikið has really good food but not least does it have a nice view over the harbor area. ”
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“The Akureyri church set on a scenic place mid uphill is lit up year round and is an emblem of Akureyri in the minds of Icelanders. The steps up to the church are the venue of a yearly race and a fun exercise. The view from the church steps over town and Eyjafjordur fjord and vicinity is well worth the walk.”
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“Bautinn is located in one of the oldest and most historical building in Akureyri, build 1902. Bautinn strives to serve quality food in welcoming and warming atmosphere. Open daily from 11:00. Address: Hafnarstræti 92”
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