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Aktivitas terbaik yang bisa dilakukan di Copenhagen

Jelajahi kota ini sesuai pandangan penduduk lokal. Temukan aktivitas terbaik untuk dilakukan, tempat untuk bersantap, dan dapatkan saran berharga dari penduduk setempat.

Theme Park
“Tivoli is the second oldest amusement park in the world (the oldest one is Dyrehavsbakken, which is also worth a visit). It has beautiful gardens, tons of activities and is a really great place for a sunny sommer evening. It might however be a bit crowded... and it's not really cheap. ”
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“Freetown Christiania is a very special area inside Copenhagen. Its an independent village that has created itself in 1970's and grown since then. Its a special place with an unique history that represents peace , acceptance, creativity and cultural diversity. ”
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“The meatpacking district is worth a visit. There are multiple good restaurants and nightclubs here. Check out Mother for a good pizza, Gorilla for a reasonable priced full course dinner, Fiskebaren for a delicious seafood experience. ”
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Food Court
“If your seaching to try out the famous danish Smørrebrød then this is the place. Torvehallerne is a food market right in the heart of copenhagen, there youll find good fresh fish and proper made danish dishes. ”
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“Fantastic park for a walk, a run or a picnic. A nice morning run around the park is around 4-5 km from the apartment and if you are lucky you get to see the elephants from the Zoo (next door neighbor) ”
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“A cemetry where many prominent danish histroical figures lay (such as H. C. Andersen and Søren Kierkegaard). It is a beautiful place, and many people use it for picnic's and to just stroll through with a coffee in hand. ”
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Flea Market
“This and intersecting Steffansgade is one of the most charming little streets in the city, with great shopping, eating, drinking, and generally being merry. Go there!”
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“Yes, Copenhagen has several beaches. This is the largest of them. Take a bath or buy something to eat or drink.”
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Monument / Landmark
“The Little Mermaid. A must see. Very close by our flat. You kind have a stroll (+ playground) while walking there over the park (Kastellet)”
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Pedestrian Plaza
“The most famous shopping street in Copenhagen. You will find most shops you are looking for around this area. ”
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“A nice big park where many locals hang out in the summer. Pack a picnic or grab something at the cafe. ”
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“Nice renaissance garden in front of Rosenborg Castle in the center of the city.”
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“Amalienborg is where the queen normally lives. Use some time to visit inside the museum, as it is quick and not expensive, but gives a good impression. Nyhavn, New Harbour in English, is the historic waterfront area close to the castle, and is next to a 17th-century canal where old wooden ships are still moored. Enjoy a cold beer and lunch here – or grab a Danish hotdog from the wagons.”
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Museum Seni
“Statens Museum for Kunst is a museum both for adults and children. Sometimes the museum arranges the museum special exhibitions. Price: 120,- for adults - Children under 18 are free. Opening Hours: Tuesday: 10 - 18 Wednesday: 10 - 20 Thursday - Sunday: 10 - 18 Monday: Closed The Museum is special opened on July 10th and October 14th. REMEMBER! The museum is closed on December 24th, December 25th, December 31st and January 1st.”
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“Ethical considerations regarding the concept of Zoos aside, Copenhagen Zoo comes across as one of the more conscious institutions, particularly due to their focus on animal welfare and natural stimulation of the animals. This is evident when viewing the large spaces the animals have to roam in and natural behavior exhibited by them, which is why we think it’s worth a visit.”
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Restoran Skandinavia
“New wave bistro with organic fare and natural wines, from renowned chef Christian Puglisi.”
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