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“A unique museum throughout all the American Continent. This is one of our musts!”
  • 481 warga lokal merekomendasikannya
“The castle located at the peak of Chapultepec hill was built during the colonial period, but was the site of one of the nation's most bitter experiences, during the Mexican-American War.”
  • 348 warga lokal merekomendasikannya
Museum Seni
“Frida Kahlo’s house! You will love it! Is in Coyoacán Neighborhood so plan your day to have a full day in the amazing neighborhood!”
  • 304 warga lokal merekomendasikannya
“Centered on a rock formation called Chapultepec Hill, one of the park's main functions is an ecological space in Greater Mexico City. It is considered the first and most important of Mexico City's "lungs", with trees that replenish oxygen to the Valley of Mexico.”
  • 332 warga lokal merekomendasikannya
“Para pasear con perros o verlos, familias, excelente lugar para sentirse alegre”
  • 262 warga lokal merekomendasikannya
Monument / Landmark
“The Independence Monument or Column of Independence colloquially known as El Ángel or El Ángel de la Independencia, is located in Mexico City, at the roundabout located at the confluence of Paseo de la Reforma, Tiber River and Florence.”
  • 216 warga lokal merekomendasikannya
Museum Seni
“The Soumaya Museum is one of the most popular art museums in Mexico because it displays a comprehensive collection of European art from the 15th through 20th centuries.”
  • 176 warga lokal merekomendasikannya
Museum Seni
“The crown jewel of the historic downtown district. A French-inspired palace that houses Rivera, Siqueiros and more Mexican muralists. Book a concert if you have the chance. ”
  • 202 warga lokal merekomendasikannya
“Contemporary art within the Bosque de Chapultepec. Founded by mexican artist Rufino Tamayo, displays works of modern artists such as Picasso and Fernand Léger. ”
  • 147 warga lokal merekomendasikannya
Mal Belanja
“One of the most emblematic shopping centers in the City. Wide variety of stores, entertainment, and dining!”
  • 152 warga lokal merekomendasikannya
Opera House
“Impressive almost 100 years old opera house with a very cool art déco style”
  • 147 warga lokal merekomendasikannya
Sublocality Level 1
“This National park is famous for gathering around museums, restaurants and historical buildings, a place you'd love to be in touch with nature! in the city.”
  • 163 warga lokal merekomendasikannya
Lingkungan Tinggal
“Mejestic Downtown just 20 minutes walking . Go Av Juarez straight until you find Mexican amazing cathedral. You will fin lots of restaurants, stores and crowds walk ! That’s Mexico! ”
  • 200 warga lokal merekomendasikannya
Lingkungan Tinggal
“Multicultural neighborhood with urban night life and many trendy restaurants”
  • 210 warga lokal merekomendasikannya
Museum Seni
“Very close to Museo de Tamayo, opened in 1964, el Museo de Arte Moderno has one of largest and most well curated modern art collections in the world. Free entry on Sundays.”
  • 96 warga lokal merekomendasikannya
“Some nights streets close from Chapultepec park all the way to the Zócalo, for people to ride their bicycles or go skating along the famous Reforma avenue. Just off the main street you will find the Monumento a la Revolución, especially beautiful when illuminated at night. In the mornings at 8:00am local schools march with the flag, singing the national anthem, sometimes beating their drums.”
  • 138 warga lokal merekomendasikannya

Restoran populer

Restoran Hidangan Laut
“Best seafood restaurant in Roma. Hipster, cool vibes and perfect for Friday lunch and drink. ”
  • 125 warga lokal merekomendasikannya
Restoran Italia
“Ranked as #27 best restaurant 2019 of Latin America by "The World´s 50 best". Amazing Mexican and Italian dishes Try Short Rib or Tagliatelle di ragú salchicha, you won´t regret it!”
  • 113 warga lokal merekomendasikannya
“Delicious gourmet food, nice place, it's expensive but worth it. You need a reservation.”
  • 102 warga lokal merekomendasikannya
Restoran Meksiko
“Great place for lunch, because of the amazing menu and atmosphere. Expect a large and handsome crowd. Informal but dressing up a little is recommended.”
  • 121 warga lokal merekomendasikannya
“I love this spot for its great pastry, particularly the croissants and the Guava roll (you can´t miss this one). I like to bring my book or grab a newspaper and sit for hours at the bar. You can also get take-away from the little window on the curb. Some dishes on the menu are experimental, using always the best quality ingredients.”
  • 103 warga lokal merekomendasikannya
Restoran Meksiko
“Azul is as charming as it is exquisite. A must for tasting traditional mexican food with a modern twist. Book in advance. ”
  • 89 warga lokal merekomendasikannya
Toko Roti
“Amazing bakery, especially great for breakfast and sandwiches. We get our bread from here! ”
  • 92 warga lokal merekomendasikannya
Restoran Meksiko
“Travel back in time to the late 1800’s. Enjoy real Mexican food surrounded by original murals of Mexican artists. A unique experience!”
  • 84 warga lokal merekomendasikannya

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