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Mulai dari tamasya hingga permata tersembunyi, cari tahu apa yang membuat kota ini unik dengan bantuan warga lokal yang paling mengenalnya.

“This is a large zoo, will take a whole day to visit the entire zoo. It’s a really nice place with lots of animals to see. ”
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“Walk/Run the entire lake for 2.84 miles with all kinds of people, dogs and sight seeings. The ambient is amazing. Lots of shops nearby, easy access to University of Washington.”
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Restoran Hidangan Laut
“Arguably the best oyster bar in Seattle, your taste buds will be as delighted by the food as you are by the service”
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“-Trails for running and hiking. -Cross the bridge over the railroad tracks to the beach. -Small but fun playground. ”
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Mal Belanja
“Closest mall containing Walmart and various retail outlets and a food court. 5 minutes by car or a 35 minute walk.”
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Natural Feature
“If you want to enjoy fresh water and have flat one hour hike, this is the place. ”
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“Greenlake park: fields for sports, calm water for SUPs and kayaking, small beach and ~5k paved trail for walking, biking and running (also has a longer trail on outskirts that's gravel)”
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Toko Makanan & Minuman
“My favorite grocery store. Fresh organic produce, great cheeses, drinks etc. Large selection for a co-op. It's a local co-op chain and they do a great job and treat the community and their employees well. ”
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Tempat Sarapan
“A very famous brunch place, expect long wait times if you show up at regular hours. Go early if you want to get seated on time. Benedict's are their thing and surrounded by a few other cute businesses. Worth checking out.”
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Resto Pizza
“Sharply dressed diners flock to this hip eatery for its uncomplicated menu items, so popular that the owners opened excellent cocktail and burger bar Essex next door to serve as a waiting room for the crowds. Once in the doors at Delancey, diners partake in some of the city’s ultimate thin-crust wood-fired pizza and lovely salads. Two-day-cured dough is the base for the likes of zesty tomato sauce, spicy salami, and onions, and the Jersey salad is a crunchy treat, followed by the must-eat chocolate chip cookie with gray salt.”
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Restoran Burger
“Unforgettable burgers and amazing shakes just up the hill. Vegans and vegetarians even have their choice of veggie burgers or a Beyond burger. Need I say more?”
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Tempat Pembuatan Bir
“Our favorite brewery in Ballard. Don't forget to pick up your Ballard Brewery Passport and earn stamps at the 11+ breweries. ”
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Toko Bir
“Best. Bottle Shop. Ever. Seriously. It's a fun place to sit and enjoy a freshly pulled pint or grab a growler or some bottles to go. Bonus: Ice cream.”
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Tempat Pembuatan Bir
“One of my favorite microbreweries! There are a ton of other microbreweries in the vicinity as well.”
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Restoran Karibia
“Local restaurant serving delicious Pork Caribbean Sandwich. Featured in Yelp's Top Places to Eat in US. ”
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Restoran Karibia
“Bongos is a newer place and a surprisingly good addition to Greenlake. Carribean food in a casual environment. It is a bit tricky to get across if you aren't familiar with it but there is an underpass walk to cross H-99 near the south parking lots at Greenlake, approx around 62nd St. (or you can cross at Winona Ave which is a bit farther up.)”
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