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Mulai dari tamasya hingga permata tersembunyi, cari tahu apa yang membuat kota ini unik dengan bantuan warga lokal yang paling mengenalnya.
College Library
“Where you can find local snacks and enjoy beautiful sunset. There are many historic sits and it's worth a visit.”
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History Museum
“From Japanese colonial period until today. We can learn the local history and experience real hit spring.”
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“Fisherman's Wharf is closed our Room walking 5 min.and either early morning or night, it's changing from Fresh ocean view, Sunset, night view are very attractive. Enjoy coffee sea foood....... ”
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Situs Bersejarah
“Fort San Domingo is not only one of the oldest buildings in Taiwan, but also national monument.”
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“Built in different way with traditional construction, Beitou Library was designed as a “Green Building Library.”It is not constructed by steels and cements. It is a big tree house in the park. Readers can enjoy viewing mountainous scenery and relaxing breeze while they are reading. tuesday to saturday 8:30-21:00; sunday and monday:9:00-17:00 編輯 ”
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“A good place for relax near Taipei city ! You can take metro (red line) to the last station- Danshui to visit the old street by the river . Also can go the fisher wharf to take a walk in a sunset . ”
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Natural Feature
“北投溫泉 北台灣最具歷史情懷的溫泉鄉 「此地有溫泉,浴之氣爽然;盪胸忘俗慮,酣夢傲神仙。身淨如無物,心澄別有天;松濤應一醉,風詠邁前賢。」 在北投,散步是最舒服的方式,慢慢的走過溫泉路、銀光巷、幽雅路,一路上可以看見一些廢棄的古樸日式建築,遙想那依稀在耳的那卡西演唱、鶯鶯燕燕的風花雪月,似乎還在河畔持續著。”
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Transit Station
“One of the most famous locations in Taiwan, the Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf is well known for its beautiful sunsets, seafood, and, more recently with young people, its high amount of party boats. Within the past few years, the wharf has gone through a major renovation process, building several new buildings including restaurants, hotels, shops, and the Lover Bridge of Tamsui, completed in 2003. At night, the bridge illuminates with a wide variety of colours. Since the wharf is located a bit outside of Taipei City, some visitors choose to stay overnight nearby the wharf. The wharf is located in Tamsui (淡水, Danshui) north of the Tamsui Old Street (淡水老街) area nearby Shalun Beach (沙崙). ”
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Health and wellness
“it was exploited in 1911, a source of green sulfur hot spring. Visitors used to boil eggs there, making its name “A hell for boiling eggs.”It has been under management by Taipei Water Department for years. Landscape, pipes system, reservoir, trails with rails, pavilions, etc, have been well constructed. The misty phenomenon year round has created a”
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“The Qing Government Tamsui tax department official residence, nickname Little White House, built in 1870, is located in Tamsui Puding, also known as "Puding Mansion"”
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“Built in 1915, Japan's Fukui Prefecture Oi-machi old private house wooden buildings, one on behalf of the Japanese-style station building.”
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Mal Belanja
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Point of Interest
“Go for the peaceful location, the architecture, and the amazing contemporary dance at Cloud Gate Theater. With a nice cafe hiding in the bookshop. It's cool to go with the young family. The historical fort (Huwei Fort) located nearby. ”
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Area Luar-Ruang Menarik Lainnya
“The park was constructed in 1913. Abundantly planted with trees and flowers, it is an elegant park with scenes of creek and little bridges. The Beitou creek goes through the whole park, from east to west, making the place an important landscape in Beitou area. Hot spring hotels have been built alongside the park which has made Beitou a backyard gar”
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Restoran populer

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“Fifty years old, he is the oldest Tamsui fish shop. Delicious fresh fish shop has a long history, in addition to signs of fish soup, there are typified handmade buns.”
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“Li Yi was originally Ship Suppliers and homes, has "philosophical flat 'nickname, renovated in 2000, becoming the arts pavilion and restaurant complex.”
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  • 3 warga lokal merekomendasikannya
“淡水 黑殿飯店( 原淡水黑店)的懷舊排骨飯,是許多淡水在地人的記憶美食, 也是許多來到淡水的旅人學子,深埋心中,青春歲月裡的味覺印記…… 多年來,人們看著 黑殿飯店,從源起 黑店 的樸陋簡實,到現在的轉型茁壯, 而黑殿飯店,也伴著人們,見證了淡水從寧靜小鎮,到觀光聖地的蛻變!”
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Department Store

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