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Rekomendasi terbaik dari warga lokal

Mulai dari tamasya hingga permata tersembunyi, cari tahu apa yang membuat kota ini unik dengan bantuan warga lokal yang paling mengenalnya.

Outlet Mall
“If you're looking for discounts, the Las Americas Premium Outlets is located on the US Mexico border. Just make sure you exit at the right place or you'll need a passport to get back home.”
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Bioskop Film Indie
“Here you can learn about our local history, very neat place to visit. There’s also an IMAX dome theater. This place is a must when visiting!!!”
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Miscellaneous Shop
“Best plaza in Tijuana for doing pretty much everything , movies , restaurants , shopping stores ”
  • 24 warga lokal merekomendasikannya
Food Court
“Vegan Food, Sea Food, Brewery, All types of food for all types of taste buds”
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Tempat Pertunjukan Seni
“Revolution Avenue, known to locals as "La Revu," is Tijuana's main tourist drag, and is within walking distance of the U.S. border crossing. If you want to do the stereotypical tourist thing, buy a big sombrero and have your photo taken with a donkey that has zebra stripes painted on it, this is the place for it. But after that, you should take the opportunity to discover some of the shops, restaurants and galleries that you'll also find along this strip. There's more than just t-shirts, postcards, and drug stores selling cheap medicine. You'll also find silver jewelry, quality handicrafts from around the country, and boutique shops selling all manner of luxury items.”
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“The birthplace of the Caesar salad, great old school bar. Valet Parking is extremely affordable here but make sure to get your car back before they close or you’ll be ubering back in the morning for brunch. ”
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Outlet Mall
“The place to go if you're searching for a bargain. Pretty much every store you can think of”
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“Take the kids out and enjoy a day in the sun! This is the biggest park there is in Tijuana that has a Mini Zoo and Mini Fair combined! Did I mention it's free entrance and all you have to pay for is parking. Lots of vendors and food to buy. As well as arts and crafts stations.”
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Frozen Yogurt Shop
“Open 7:30am-8:30pm daily. Fantastic restaurant with organic produce and a wide array of items to choose from. Everything here is good... even the most simple foods like their stuffed avocado. Popular here are the fruit boat(half papaya or other melon filled with other fruits, sunflower seeds, and frozen yogurt or cottage cheese), breakfast favorites served all day (eggs/omelettes/waffles/pancakes 7:30am-8:30pm daily), large meals (chicken or fish), milk & fruit beverages, juices (beet, orange, apple, carrot, and others made from a centrifugal juicer like Whole foods not Cold-Pressed), soups (vegetable, Raul's bean soup, and consome de pollo are all wonderful).”
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Colloquial Area
“This is the local beach that is no more than 15 minutes away from your location. Relax and enjoy the sea shore either from above or right at the water’s edge.”
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“The best local craft beer breweries have a tasting room in this "Plaza". You will be surprise by the good variety of craft beers.”
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Mal Belanja
“This plaza is filled with great dining, great bars and nightlife too. Just an 8 min drive or 25 min walk. Super nice atmosphere. Please check out: LA CAYETANA, LA MORESCA, BODEGA 8, CABANNA, BAREZZITO ; JACAS TEQUILERIA & TAPAS.”
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“(Coffe Shop) Their coffe is very good but the place has a magnet for evryone who visits Playas de Tijuana I recommed try to go at sunset time so you can enjoy the view of the mexican ocean surrounded by a great and funny people from everywhere.”
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Soccer Stadium
“this a great attraction. 1.7 miles. This place is not only a stadium but has bars, restaurants and casino within walking distance inside the complex. Live music stages and more. The sky boxes are really nice. It host all kinds of concerts, extreme sports, etc. If you are a sports fan, this is one of the coolest opportunities to have family fun. It’s safe, fun, energy filled and affordable. Tail-gating prior is a ton of fun with music and a college sports atmosphere going on.”
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Mal Belanja
“Restaurants; Starbucks; Bars; Movie Theater; specialty shops; Walmart; & Oh! Zone Kids with arcade, rollerskating ring and Bowling.”
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Restoran Hidangan Laut
“This place is famous for their fish tacos and great prices. Outdoor seating or indoor for the more expensive seafood. ”
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