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Law School

Facultad De Derecho, Universidad de Buenos Aires

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October 15, 2019
Nice Sightseeing in the city surrounded by different hotspots i.e. Floralis, Plaza Francia (Recoleta) and Recoleta Cemetery
January 28, 2015
Law School. really nice architecture. It's stairs are often use for events.
Maria Eugenia
Maria Eugenia
August 1, 2015
Buenos Aires University of Law, located near the most beautiful parks in the city, beautiful building from 1949.
November 12, 2014
Famosa facultad de Derecho por su hermosa arquitectura.
April 4, 2014
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Medical School
“it is one of the three confirming the University of Buenos Aires. Founded in 1822, first physicians graduated in 1827.”
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“If you think of cemeteries as depressingly dark, underground affairs, Buenos Aires’ Recoleta Cemetery will turn that on its head. Considered the second most beautifuls cementery in the world (after the Pere Lechaise in Paris), the site was declared the city’s first official public burial place in 1822. Aside from being the resting place of the deceased, it is completely unlike a normal cemetery. The place is full of elaborately carved scroll-work and stately pillars that only reach up to your shoulder because all the structures are weirdly mini; it’s more magical than macabre. The burial site of Argentina’s most famous figures, including Evita herself.”
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“Apertura excepcional de la Embajada de Francia en Argentina Play/Pause 1ro de septiembre de 2017 Apertura excepcional de la Embajada de Francia en Argentina En ocasión de las 34as Jornadas Europeas del Patrimonio, el Palacio Ortiz Basualdo, sede de la Embajada de Francia en Argentina, abrirá excepcionalmente sus puertas al público, los días sábado 16 y domingo 17 de septiembre entre las 10.00 y las 17.00 has. Contacto Cerrito 1399, Buenos Aires Recepción Tel : 54 11 4515-7030 Fax : 54 11 4515-0120 En caso de emergencia: Para asuntos consulares (Franceses en situación de emergencia: accidente, agresión, robo, detención, etc.) (54 9) 11 44 70 32 02 Otros asuntos (Para emergencias solamente) ”
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“Famous building with a gothic architecture. It was firstly build to be a law school. Today remains unfinished.”
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“The Mariano Moreno National Library of the Argentine Republic (Spanish: Biblioteca Nacional "Mariano Moreno" de la República Argentina) is the largest library in Argentina. It is located in the barrio of Recoleta in Buenos Aires. The library is named after Mariano Moreno, one of the ideologists of the May Revolution and its first director.”
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Recoleta, CABA
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